How readable am I?

I suppose this is a good thing. When I originally ran my site URL (and not the feed), my blog readability was "genius." At first I wasn't sure if that meant I was a genius, or that my writing was so convoluted and verbose that only someone with a superior intellect could decipher it.

I've come to the conclusion that the original reading was due to the readability scanner not making sense of all my external links. By running the feed URL I was able to get a truer sense of my writing, as only the content from blog posts was analyzed.

Another more in-depth readability site is Juicy Studio. This site analyzes a number of writing attributes, including the Flesch Reading Ease and Gunning-Fog Index. This blog's Fog Index score is 9.1, which is similar to most popular novels. A score of 8 is equivalent to Reader's Digest, and 11 is most like the Wall Street Journal. As an English teacher, I consider myself in good company.

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