The Garnett Factor

Fans of Boston Celtics basketball have to be ecstatic about the team's trades for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen last summer. Combined with Paul Pierce, the C's now have one of the most prolific offenses in the league. Their defense hasn't been too shabby either. With last night's demolition of the Denver Nuggets, the Green are off to a 3-0 start.

It all begins with Garnett.

A 10-time All Star and former NBA MVP, Garnett's physical skills and basketball IQ are well known. What fans might not have realized are the Tom Brady-esk work ethic and passion Garnett brings to the game.

"Basketball is my spine. It's my heart. It's my blood," Garnett told the Boston Globe recently.

Garnett is articulate and eloquent, as evidenced by his use of metaphor. He's also a smooth dropper of analogy, offering up this one that would make any English teacher salivate: "Home wasn't a great place for me, and I found my sanctuary to be basketball to where I could disappear on the court," Garnett said. "It's almost very similar to people who read. They take a good book and get lost in the book. I take my ball and I get lost on the court. I can be whoever I want to be at that time. It don't matter if it's 12 in the morning, 2 in the morning. That was my sanctuary."

If you're interested in reading all of Shira Springer's interview with Garnett, click here.

As a teacher, I draw inspiration from the dedication and desire of local sports stars like Garnett and Tom Brady.

In a Globe interview last year, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick said one of the reasons Brady is so successful is because of his work ethic.

I particularly like this excerpt written by Belichick in an e-mail to his 12-year-old son about being successful in school:
"Be sure to sit in the front row and pay attention to the teacher. That is what our best players do when we have meetings," Belichick wrote. "Tom Brady always sits in the front row with his notebook open when the meeting starts. He also does his homework and turns it in when he comes to the stadium in the morning."

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