Poetry and promise

Shorty I will be leaving to attend the Massachusetts Poetry Out Loud semi-final event in Springfield, where one of our students will represent our high school in the annual recitation contest. Three years ago I brought Poetry Out Loud to our school. While participation in the event hasn't been as robust as I would like, each year we've been able to field a competitive contestant.

Not only will my morning be filled with poetic recitations from some of the areas brightest high school kids, but the sun is out and temperatures may creep into the 50s. I'm looking forward to getting outdoors later, maybe to shoot some hoops, go for a jog, or explore the rail-trail behind my house. Winter for most of us here in Mass has been - for lack of a better word - weak. When other parts of the country were getting pounded with powdery blasts, we either had rain or nothing at all.

I wouldn't mind experiencing one solid winter storm before officially yielding to spring, but at the same time I'm also ready right now for the regenerative spirit that comes as the earth rotates toward longer and warmer days.

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