Sylvanic scurryings... and basketball

This afternoon I went for a jog through the woods behind my house. While this certainly isn't groundbreaking news, in the larger scope of things it signals that spring is on its way, as the snow was all but melted. I am ready for longer and warmer days, and ready to recommit to an exercise regimen.

It's tough. Many of us make New Year's resolutions to improve our activity level at a time when nature's creatures are dormant and the weather makes it easy to stay inside and lounge. Aside from personal health, another more pressing motivation for me to stop slothin' around is this Thursday's student/faculty basketball game. Yup, I'm playing. I hope to score a few points, make a couple stops on defense, and not completely embarrass myself.

It's likely the students will beat us, although, who knows? I've heard some of the faculty members have game, and if a couple of us get hot, anything's possible. If the students push the ball and run every time, they'll likely have an easy victory. But it we can get them to play slow-it-down basketball, we have a chance. I really don't care about the outcome of the game. What's more exciting is the chance to interact with some of my colleagues as I attempt to relive those glorious days of my high school rec league.

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