Three on three

Last week I participated in a three-on-three basketball tournament at my high school. I decided to play two hours before the tournament after one of my students asked me if I'd be on his team at the end of class. Having played basketball in high school - I was a force in my town's recreation league, but lacked the requisite size and quickness to make the cut for the official school team - I agreed.

I can recall quite vividly one game my senior year where I scored 18 points, hitting five 3-pointers and completing an "and one." That game was probably one of my top 10 highlights from high school. The fact that the team we played that day contained a number of former members from the high school team (who decided for whatever reason to play rec league that year) made it even sweeter.

While it had been almost three months since I shot a basketball, I can honestly say I did not embarrass myself in the tournament, which was a real possibility. While I was by no means "good," I set solid pics, had a few assist, hit some open jumpers, and tossed in a few old-school post moves. While my basketball skills weren't as rusty as they could have been, my overall lack of conditioning made me a defensive liability. One of my students buried two 3-pointers in my face, then took me off the dribble on a baseline move that rendered me incompetent.

After two games I was exhausted, chugging my water bottle whenever there was a break in the action. By the sixth game, I was having trouble focusing, and was incapable of keeping track of the score.When my team finally lost after I threw up an airball that could have tied it, I thanked my teammates for some good games, gathered my stuff, and limped to the car.

Since that game I've decided to put an end to this winter of sloth. I went for a 2.5-mile jog yesterday, and went for a long walk today. I stretched, and even did a few push-ups and sit-ups. In order to ensure I can enjoy myself when I go hiking on the Appalachian Trail this summer, it's important that I begin exercising regularly now. I also wouldn't mind an opportunity to play a few of my students one more time so they can see Mr. B-G's still got (some minute semblance of) game. 

Image from Cherokee Boys Basketball, accessed 3/20/11

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