Does Car Insurance Cover Theft?

Imagine walking to your car after a long day at work and discovering that your car isn�t there. Or, finding your vehicle, but it�s got a broken window and all of your belongings are missing. These are exactly the type of situations where you want to have insurance on your side � and we�ve got you covered! The key is knowing what type of insurance you need and how it will help you.

In the above scenario there are two different types of theft that happen � and each one would be covered by a different type of insurance. If you have comprehensive car insurance, then you�re covered if a thief takes off with your vehicle. Your car policy will also cover up to $200 in personal property. If you have more valuable items in your vehicle, your home owners or renters insurance will step in after the deductible. So is theft covered? You bet � but different types of theft need different insurance, and it won�t always be covered by your auto insurance.

If you�re wondering about the broken window in the first example, or any vandalism for that matter � we�ve also got you covered. Your comprehensive insurance steps in to help you pay any out-of-pocket expenses that may arise from vandalism.

Because a car theft or theft of items in a car can be complex and involve different types of insurance, it�s a great idea to contact the police and file a report, take lots of pictures, make note of anything that was stolen and all damage done to the vehicle. And finally, call your agent to see if they have any advice for you while you�re on the scene.

What Theft Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover?

If you�re wondering specifically what types of theft your auto insurance covers, then we should explore comprehensive auto insurance more thoroughly. The following chart is an easy way to do just that!

Your car is stolen


Your hubcaps are stolen


Your locks are wrecked in a failed theft


Your tires are stolen


Your vehicle is vandalized


Windows are broken


It�s important to note that comprehensive coverage is optional. So to get the coverage, you�ll need to add it to your policy.

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